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    Don't cry baby
    I'm on my way

    I'm gonna make you happy
    I'm gonna make you say
    You are the water of my thirst
    You are the sunshine of my course

    Don't you know
    I'm your loving man

    I come from miles away
    Give you what you don't have
    Like magic I'll be gone
    You'll be back to your happy home

    I'll bring you satisfaction
    Satisfaction guaranteed
    Treat me right like you know you should
    I'll give what you need

  2. 10.000 MILES

    Here I'm 10,000 miles from you
    Here I'm, still I'm thinking of you
    I guess pretty mama
    Ain't no use to run from you

    You're the last thing I need
    First thing I want, if loving you ain't right
    I guess I'd rather be wrong
    I'll fight the world just to be with you

    I know you are married woman
    And I know how you feel about it
    I can tell that you love me too
    So let's face it in the name of love


    She was standing all alone
    With that style of her own
    Just like a magic queen
    From a cartoon magazine

    Pin-up girl take me to
    Take me to your world
    Bring all the colors
    Colors of your love

    Bring it, bring it on to me
    Bring it, bring it home
    Bring it, bring it on to me

    Words could never tell
    The way she smelled
    I looked her in the eyes
    She said hello good bye


    See what you doing to me
    Bringing me nothing, but sorrow
    You say you'll come tomorrow
    Tomorrow never comes

    So tired of being your fool
    Sitting and waiting for you
    You say you'll have to work
    All night through

    I'm about to lose my mind

    I'm gonna hit the road
    Get you out of my life
    Remember days we had

    I just could never forget
    Yes, you was so special
    Special to me

    But I'm about to lose my mind


    I went down to the corner
    To get me jug of wine
    When I saw this baby
    Let me tell you she was fine

    What's your name?
    Pretty mama
    What's your name?

    You look like an angel
    And I can tell you burn in flame

    So won't you join me baby
    On this red wine
    I can love you mama
    Until you get satisfied

    What's your name?
    Pretty mama
    What's your name?


    Well, I wonder
    How much time do we have
    How much time
    Until the thrill is gone

    We better keep on moving
    We don't wanna lose this groove

    Morning comes
    We just don't wanna stop
    We want more and more
    Way more than we should

    And you do things pretty mama
    That you never would

    Devil is taking care of you
    So don't be a fool
    Embrace your life
    Don't you listen to the devil


    Take me, take me to the paradise
    Come closer baby
    Let me look right in your eyes

    Come on girl
    We're gonna rock 'n' roll tonight

    I want you standing here by my side
    I want you now pretty baby
    Close to me most day and night

    Come on girl
    We're gonna rock 'n' roll tonight

    You are the very best thing
    That ever happened to me
    Come on now girl get along with me

    I'm your man
    And I hop that you understand


    Woman, you must be crazy
    You don't know what you want to do
    Woman, you must be crazy

    Well, you don't know what you want to do
    Why can't you be good pretty mama
    After all, after all I done for you

    I know my baby
    She's gonna jump and shout
    I know my baby
    She will jump and shout

    Let me tell you people
    That's what I'm talking about
    And when she thinks about her man
    Well, I say he can step it out


    I'm riding, I'm rolling, I'm crushing
    Gotta to find some love tonight
    I'm ready for action, distraction
    All night I don't mind

    I see you grooving, shaking
    All the world around you girl
    I got me a vision this woman
    Got to have, got to taste her love
    Yeah, her love

    Gonna you in my sights
    I'm a man on a hunt
    I'll hunt you down all over town
    Ain't no use to run
    Cuz you sure can't hide
    Try my love just for tonight

    Slow walk, fast talk, cat's eyes
    Gotta make my move right
    I'm rolling the dice now, hello
    There listen to what I say to you
    Yeah, to you


    I woke up this morning
    In my bedroom all alone
    My baby girl she was gone
    I guess that's the way

    The is supposed to be
    If she wanna fly
    I better set her free
    Somethings in life

    Ain't no use to fight
    You better be cool
    Would you take my advice
    Cuz one day you're up

    The very next day your down
    It's the beauty of life
    Carrying you around
    So I ain't gonna cry over you

    I ain't gonna cry no more
    Sometimes a man
    Can feel this emptiness
    And deep in your heart

    You know you did your best
    You gonna roll, roll
    Yes, you gonna keep on going
    On that lonesome road

Album description

6th album
released in 2006
produced by Chris Duarte (USA)
recorded in Studio Mosh in São Paulo, Brazil

Black Soul Band:
Luciano Leães - pianos
Luciano Albo - bass
Ronie Martinez - drums
Special guest: Luiz Carline - lap steel

“Bring It” can be considered to be the band’s most Rock influenced release as they absorbed the rockers influence on the journey to finding their own sound. The album contains 10 original tracks and a cover of the T-Bone Walker classic, “Woman You Must Be Crazy”.