Black Soul: (left-right) Ronie Martinez, Fernando Noronha, Luciano Leães e Edu Meirelles.

Fernando Noronha & Black Soul.

Fernando Noronha is one of Brazil's most electrifying blues guitar icons. Establishing his career over 25 years ago, Fernando has been a fixture in the global folk and blues scene completing various South American tours annually, 10 tours in Europe and 2 in the US and Canada.

Since 1995, Fernando has been headlining with his all-Brazilian band, Fernando Noronha and Black Soul, in every major Blues and Jazz festival worldwide including Montreal Jazz Festival in Canada, Augusti Blues Festival in Estonia and Santiago International Jazz Festival in Chile.

"I feel extremely happy and proud when I see such a young band playing the Blues so well." (B.B. King)

Fernando Noronha and Black Soul have defined their own Southern "Soul" music combining North-American roots rock and blues influences with their native Brazilian beat. Although hailing from the Gaucha capital of Porto Alegre, Fernando has always identified musically with Texas Blues differentiating from popular Brazilian music. He has backed up and worked closely with Greats such as B.B. King, Chuck Berry, Buddy Guy, Chris Duarte (who produced two albums for Fernando), Ron Levy and many more. Through the very definition of blues, combining African rhythms with European compositions, this Brazilian Blues band re-invents the genre while taking their loyal public to new heights.

On the brink of their 8th album, "Time Keeps Rolling", Fernando Noronha & Black Soul continue to strengthen their global presence through their new partnership with Worldhaus Music based out of Austin, Texas. In 2015, Fernando and Worldhaus look forward to releasing their new breakout album on three continents: North America, South America and Europe, participate in SXSW, reinvigorate old and conquer new markets with their tight-knit sound.

Luciano Leães

Self-taught, passionate and dynamic describe Black Soul's pianist and organist, Luciano Leães. Drawing from his deep inspiration of New Orleans, since 1998 Leães has been an integral counterpart to the band's virtuosity. In his own right, Leães is considered one of Brazil's leading blues pianists/organists as he has recorded with Carey Bell, Magic Slim, Hubert Sumlin, Ron Levy, JJ Jackson, among many others. In 2013 he opened for Elton John in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Ronie Martinez

Growing up in Brazil, since childhood Ronie Martinez's passion for drums started in the streets with the processions of Samba schools and marching bands. His drum set technique is a reflection of these grounding musical experiences with both Brazilian and popular Rock, Jazz and Blues styles. In the late 80's, living in Rio de Janeiro, he studied with legends such as Pascoal Meireles, Claudio Infante & Paulo Braga. Moving back to Porto Alegre in 1991, Ronie has been an established drummer playing with various acts including Brazilian jazz guitarist, Phil Fest from the US.

Edu Meirelles

Brazilian-born bassist, Edu Meirelles, claims that his main musical influences are from the soul music of the '50s, '60s and '70s. Over the last decade, he has dominated the stage performing with almost every contemporary Southern Brazilian band: Solon Fishbone, Bebeco Garcia, Nico Smoljan (AR) and Americans Larry McCray (Arkansas) and Dave Riley (Chicago). Edu splits his time between Fernando Noronha & Black Soul, local Gaucho-Rock star Alemão Ronaldo and his project with fellow bandmate, Luciano Leaes & the Big Chiefs.